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lib0 engine community

Live coding C and OpenGL environment

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Version 10 is here!
Changes: `stdlib_nprintf` is replaced with `stdlib_printf`. GPULIB_RELEASE define is added for release builds. GpuLib global variables are moved to separate hea...
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Version 9 is here!
Changes: Now you can create `live.c` file in `lib0_engine` folder and code it in a text editor of your choice. When you hit compile button (F2), if `lib0_engine...
1 file
Version 8 is here!
Changes: Async transform feedback is removed and replaced with async compute shaders which in addition to writing to buffers can write to images as well. All GP...
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Version 7 is here!
Changes: As was mentioned in devlog for version 6, Ubuntu 16.04 and Mesa 17 are not supported from this moment. Ubuntu 18.04 and Mesa 18 are required now. Trans...
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Version 6 is here!
Changes: This is the last version that supports Ubuntu 16.04. Next versions will require more recent Mesa which will be available only on Ubuntu 18.04 and forwa...
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Version 5 is here!
Changes: `rerun.sh` and `rebuild.sh` scripts are added for rerunning `main` and rebuilding `1.c`, `2.c`, `3.c`, etc. files from the previous session. Ctrl + A f...
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Version 4 is here!
Changes: Correct Ctrl keycode for Ctrl + Space, Ctrl + Z, etc. hotkeys. Move code editor logic to CodeEditor.h file. Collapse and set positions for code editor...
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Version 3 is here!
Changes: A SIGSEGV crash and build process on Arch Linux are fixed, but Mesa's black screen bug is still present, so no other distro except Ubuntu 16.04 will be...
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