Version 6 is here!


  • This is the last version that supports Ubuntu 16.04. Next versions will require more recent Mesa which will be available only on Ubuntu 18.04 and forward. 
  • Fixed sometimes black screen on application startup. Apparently some desktop environments reserve the last fbconfig for themselves.
  • GpuFinish is removed, asynchrony of GPU operations is embraced with new fence and query procedures.
  • GpuMallocDeviceLocal and GpuCallocDeviceLocal procedures are added for discrete GPUs. To upload data to these buffers you have to GpuMalloc host visible memory buffer, upload data to it and transfer from host visible to device local buffer with an async transform feedback shader. This is directly inspired by Vulkan API. See GpuLib's async transform feedback example.
  • Procedure renaming: GpuGet -> GpuGetImg, GpuSet -> GpuSetImg.


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27 days ago

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