Version 7 is here!


  • As was mentioned in devlog for version 6, Ubuntu 16.04 and Mesa 17 are not supported from this moment. Ubuntu 18.04 and Mesa 18 are required now.
  • Transform feedback is simplified with GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts (for AMD r600g GPU series, it was added to Mesa 18 a week ago). See updated async transform feedback example.
  • GpuSys* procedures are renamed to GpuWsi* and now live in a separate gpulib_x11_wsi.h file.
  • New procedures: GpuMapIndices, GpuMallocIndicesDeviceLocal, GpuCallocIndicesDeviceLocal, GpuMallocCommandsDeviceLocal, GpuCallocCommandsDeviceLocal.
  • All GpuCalloc* commands now require pointers to calloc and free procedures as input parameters.
  • Compressed textures are removed due to their limitations.
  • Uniform procedures are reduced to GpuUniformInt and GpuUniformFloat4 procedures for simplicity.
  • Procedure renaming: GpuProFile -> GpuWsiPro, GpuVertFile -> GpuWsiVert, GpuFragFile -> GpuWsiFrag, GpuLoadRgbImgBinary -> GpuWsiBinaryRgbImg, GpuLoadRgbCbmBinary -> GpuWsiBinaryRgbCbm, all live in gpulib_x11_wsi.h now due to their internal dependency on system specific calls for reading files.


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