Version 8 is here!


  • Async transform feedback is removed and replaced with async compute shaders which in addition to writing to buffers can write to images as well. All GPUs lib0 engine supported support compute shaders so hardware requirements are staying the same, on software side as for the previous version the latest Mesa 18 is required: according to, for r600g GPUs support for GL_ARB_compute_shader was added on 2017-12-18, GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store on 2017-11-17.
  • Synchronous data transfer procedures such as GpuGetImg, GpuSetImg, GpuSetPix or GpuCalloc* are removed, encouraging asynchronous transfers with compute shaders. If you need a quick dirty synchronous way to load images from the system, GpuWsiBinaryRgbImage and GpuWsiBinaryRgbCubemap procedures are still available.
  • New procedure: GpuBarrier. Read this OpenGL wiki page for details.
  • Almost all GpuLib procedures are renamed for clarity.


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