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Tiny Level Editor 3D is a tiny, standalone, highly specialized and very opinionated level editor that doesn't depend on any 3D game engine. It saves a level made in the editor as plain text files and can export .obj/.mtl mesh files which can be imported by other 3D engines or programs such as Blender.


To run it on Windows, double click on:

On Linux, run:

To toggle between UI and WASD fly camera editing mode, press the right mouse button and move the mouse. Press the right mouse button again to get back to the UI mode. See Hotkeys button in the Scene window to learn more.

The editor mainly works with 1x1 square polygons, but as of v0.0.7 it also features voxels, you can enable voxel mode level editing by pressing the V key.

The editor comes with its source code, currently it's only 5000 lines of C code, you can find it in TinyLevelEditor3D/autosave.script file.

It's a very early alpha version, so don't expect much, but it's already in a working state, so things that should work do work. If you hit any issues with it, though, please let me know, I may fix them if I will be... *cough*... motivated enough 🤌

A YouTube playlist of video tutorials on how to use the level editor and whatnot:

Last update: v0.0.16 from 24 Nov 2023

Special thanks for financial support of this tool to:
@BionicShinobi on YouTube


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